Be Smart Be Prepared.com began as a result of my own family’s efforts to plan ahead and be prepared for emergency situations. We live in Southern California and a couple of months ago my youngest son said to me, something that we’ve all heard for a long time now, that California is way overdue for a very big earthquake.  So, in light of the seemingly increasing earthquakes, not to mention other natural disasters, and even terrorist threats, we decided we had better be smart and become better prepared in case we do have a major quake or disaster in our area.

Of course, I’ve thought about doing this many times.  Each time we had a small to moderate quake in our area I would decide, with the best of intentions, to make an emergency plan and then get some serious emergency supplies on hand.  Of course, time would pass and somehow it just didn’t get done.  We did have the bare minimum of supplies, with some water & food on hand, along with some minimal medical supplies; but, I knew it was time to get serious and get organized and get prepared because I did not want to get caught in an emergency situation knowing that some dire consequences could have been avoided if I had only taken action and prepared ahead of time.

We didn’t want to have just “the bare minimum supplies” needed.  We wanted to really think this through and be as prepared as possible for as many scenarios as we could.  Of course, there’s no way you can be prepared for everything that might happen, but if a situation occurs that is something that can be survived if you’re prepared then we certainly should do what we can.
As we began to gather information and make our list of supplies (and that was a job in itself), we  realized we needed these three core things covered:

  • Emergency Supply Kit with food, water, first aid items, medications, fire extinguisher, and so on.
  • A plan in place.  If phone service isn’t working then where to meet if we’re separated, our house?, Grandma’s house? If laptops are working then communicate through email. When to turn off the gas to the house and when not to, etc.
  • First Aid/CPR “Training”: It’s been a while since I took a CPR class (and my teen never has), so we needed to get some first aid training for emergencies.

And what about having a little extra in case a neighbor needs some help.
And what about our dog?  Pet first aid classes are available through Red Cross.
And what if we’re in the car?  We need supplies for the car too.

What about medications? Several of us in our family rely on medications, we’d better be sure to have an extra supply of medication on hand.

We also thought about our family members that live in the mid-west, who are right at this very moment under a tornado watch?  We began thinking about what kind of an emergency plan and supplies they would need.
And our extended family now includes family in Japan.  I lived in Japan in the 70’s and fortunately did not experience any earthquakes during the year that I lived there.  Japan is beautiful and I loved being there.  It’s heartbreaking to see the aftermath of the 9.0 quake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in March 2011.  Although the devastation is overwhelming, just imagine how much more widespread the consequences would have been in the surrounding areas if they had not had such strict building codes in place, etc.  Japan is definitely a good example of being prepared for big earthquakes.

And so…the task of our little household being prepared had grown into quite a large project.  I began to think of the office settings I worked in; I thought about my husband’s workplace and the dangers involved there; I wondered how prepared community churches and other local groups are in order to serve their communities during a time of disaster.

Why put this into a website?  At this point in our process of “getting an emergency supply kit and making an emergency plan,” the amount of information we were gathering had now become a bit overwhelming, and this is when the idea arose to create a website.  A website containing this information would be the easiest way our family members could have access to what we had learned.  And if this website is helpful to our family, it is also encouraging to realize that others who find this site would also gain some helpful information as they prepare their families and workplaces for possible emergency situations.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this page and if you haven’t already done so, I hope you will take action and make sure you’re prepared for any disasters you may face in your part of the world.

Be smart and be ready,

Lee Stacy