Natural disasters in 2010 are highlighted in this CNN news video. The year began with the gripping emotional images of a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake that destroyed Haiti’s capital city. One has to wonder if Haiti had been able to implement disaster preparedness plans and updated building codes, how much different would the outcome have been. Miraculously, even in the midst of overwhelming loss of life and destruction, survivors would be helped to safety. One man was even found alive after he had been trapped under rubble for almost 4 weeks.

In the United States the 2010 headlines were filled with stories of extreme weather that was wreaking havoc in various locations across the country. One teenage girl hanging on for dear life during a catastrophic flood in Oklahoma was rescued as she clung to a tree as raging flood waters surrounded her.

Back to back blizzards dubbed “snowmageddon” and “snowpocalypse,” struck the United States capital, not only causing road closures and school closures, but also forcing the federal government to shut down.

Dramatic video captured a tornado spewing debris everywhere as it hit a Minnesota farm, amazingly no one was injured.

Images of animals, still alive, yet covered completely by thick, grimy oil was not the result of a “natural” disaster, but nevertheless the BP oil disaster had a disastrous affect on nature and these images will remain etched in our memory. And then when we saw video footage of the fortunate birds that were able to be cleaned up, rehabilitated and released back into the wild, well, it was an incredible sight to behold after the overwhelming circumstances in this massive oil disaster.

When a disastrous gas explosion took 8 lives in Northern California and leveled homes throughout the neighborhood our hearts go out to those affected by this tragedy.

And then there was the disaster that lasted for 69 days. A disaster that held the world captive until every last one of the Chilean miners was freed from deep under the earth’s surface. The story of their bravery and desire to survive, their sheer will and determination, as well as the amazing bravery of their rescuers as they were brought up to the surface victoriously was terrifyingly inspirational.

These events are only a sampling of the several hundred natural disasters that occurred throughout the world in 2010. It would behoove us all to make sure that we have an emergency plan in place in our homes, in the workplace, and when we’re traveling so that we will be prepared should we be faced with an unexpected disaster.

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