Natural disasters in 2010 marked this year as one of the most deadly years in the past twenty years giving us a stark reminder of the importance of planning for emergency.  According to this video by the United Nations, floods, storms, extreme temperatures, and earthquakes were the most common occurrences during the year.

A top UN official in the disaster reduction department stated that better disaster preparedness must be implemented now because climate change is expected to cause weather related disasters to increase in the coming years. Nations must coordinate efforts to be prepared for catastrophic events in order to reduce losses incurred during disasters and to help communities and nations become more resilient.

2010 Natural Disaster Facts

  • 373 natural disasters
  • 296,800 lives lost
  • 225,000 people killed in the Haiti quake (75% of the year’s disaster fatalities)
  • 56,000 fatalities in the Russian summer heatwave (20% of the year’s disaster fatalities)
  • 208 million people directly affected
  • Asia had 4.7% of disaster fatalities
  • Asia nevertheless remains the most prone region to natural disasters
  • 89% of those affected by 2010 disasters were from Asia
  • 5 out of the top 10 most deadly disasters in 2010, occurred in China, Pakistan, & Indonesia
  • 3,000 killed by earthquakes in China
  • 530 killed in Indonesia earthquake in October
  • 1,500 died in China floods
  • 1,765 Chinese fatalities from mudslides, landslides after August’s heavy rains
  • 2,000 people died in massive floods in Pakistan
  • $110 billion total cost related to all 2010 natural disasters. Only 2 other years had a higher total: $139 billion in 2005 (which included hurricanes Katrina, Rita, & Wilma) and $200 billion in 2008 (which included the quake in Sichuan, China).
  • $18 billion losses in China from the summer floods and landslides
  • $9.5 billion cost in Pakistan floods
  • $8 billion damage by Haiti quake
  • $30 billion damages from Chile earthquake, making it the most costly disaster of 2010

The above facts were included in an article by the UN (United Nations) News Centre.   With 373 natural disasters in the year 2010, it was not possible to include information on each of them in this article.  Additional information can be found on other natural disasters that happened in 2010 by checking out MSNBC’s scientific perspective,  or read about the rise of global disaster in 2010 at CBC News where you’ll also find a link to a detailed report on disaster statistics for 2010.

It is vital to plan for emergency now, beginning with your own individual/family’s plan; however, it is also critical for preparation to be made by businesses, schools, churches, communities, and even on the national level.

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