Round houses designed to be hurricane proof are shown and discussed in the video above.  These beautiful homes are not only hurricane resistant but are also made to be energy efficient and are environmentally friendly green homes.

The homeowners in the video describe the area surrounding their homes providing a stark comparison of the destruction experienced by neighbors while their round houses withstood major hurricanes, including Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricanes have a life of their own, some are wind events, some water events, and some are a combination of the two.  One circular house owner describes Hurricane Ivan as a combination of wind and water of which his home survived with extremely minimal damage.

Alvin and Faye, from Elberta, Alabama talked about their experience during Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina with flooding in their yard and downed trees.  Their house stood solid and they never felt it move during the hurricane force winds.

Dale and Carolyn lived in a beautiful subdivision in a place they describe as “probably the best place on earth to live.”  Some of their friends houses that had been there for 70 plus years were completely gone.  Their circular house had a reinforced concrete entryway with a staircase that leads up to the living area of the house.  This design provided elevation of the living quarters that will keep the living areas dry from flooding up to 14 feet.

Their home was located on the northeast side of Hurricane Katrina, which is the strongest part of a hurricane.  It brought a 29 foot tidal surge and the water level rose to the second level of their three level circular home.  Despite the flooding of their home and the 145 mph winds, all the windows held with only minor leakage in the areas that were submerged under flooding. The flooded belongings in their home was the majority of their loss, yet their home remained structurally intact.

Deltec Homes have been in business for almost 40 years and during that time their prefab homes have been put to the test time and time again and even homes hit by 20 to 30 foot tidal surges and winds of over 145 mph incurred no structural damage.

Another type of hurricane resistant home to consider is a fortified home that can be built from scratch or an existing home can be upgraded to meet building requirements established by the insurance industry to make homes resistant to various natural disasters including hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and more.


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