When preparing for emergency consider upgrading or building a fortified home.  Fortified homes are built or upgraded according to standards set by a national nonprofit initiative from the insurance industry through the Insurance Institute For Business & Home Safety.

Learn what can be done to strengthen and protect your home against damages caused by natural disasters across the country every year.  Of course, fortifying your home against major disasters automatically provides you with superior protection against damages caused by common occurrences throughout the year such as heavy thunderstorms and hail storms, which also take a toll on the pocketbook.

Using readily available and affordable construction materials and techniques, homes can be brought up to the home construction designations that build disaster protection into homes from the ground up.   These upgrades often exceed what is required by local building codes.  Additionally the disaster resistant home design includes landscaping upgrades that provide additional protection and help lessen the impact of a natural disaster.

Since the program began in 2000, fortified homes can be found in a number of states.  These homes fall into a variety of price points, including fortified homes provided through Habitat For Humanity.

Through this program home builders and buyers make selections from a range of options which will meet the fortified standards and are able to stay within their own personal budget requirements.

The fortified home program uses various building techniques and does require the use of building techniques that meet standards suitable for the location of the home.  Special attention is focused on strengthening the roof, foundation, walls, and openings of the home.  Homes are also designed to keep moisture out and to elevate the home above flooding concerns.  Protection is also added so that these homes are able to resist wildfire, severe winter weather, and earthquakes.

Inspections are conducted by an independent third party inspection company to ensure that building materials and techniques have been used and installed correctly.

An added benefit of this program is the peace of mind knowing that your home has been built or upgraded to a high level of resistance to damages incurred by the most common natural disasters in their area.  Additionally, the fortified features added to homes are generally not visible so building a stronger, safer home does not take away from its beauty.

Another type of house design which may be of interest to those located in hurricane prone areas is the round house hurricane proof design.  Testimonies by those who live in these homes provides evidence of how their homes withstood major hurricanes such as Katrina while their neighbors’ houses suffered extreme damage or were destroyed completely.